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Diverse capabilities and technologies make Intel® RealSense™ products suitable for a wide range of applications.

With cutting edge Intel® RealSense™ technology the possibilities are endless. Adding computer vision to your project, whatever it is, will elevate it to the next level. Here are few examples of products accelerated by Intel RealSense solutions.


The fundamental gap between human and machine perception has always constrained the robotics field, with machine vision limited to flat images which in turn makes environmental understanding and interaction challenging. Intel RealSense technology provides the key ingredients to bridge this gap and make sensing robots a reality. Products equipped with this technology have the ability to understand and respond to their environment — sensing depth, navigating landscapes, and recognizing humans and scenes.

AccuPick 3D from Solomon Technology Corp. is an intelligent bin picking solution which makes full use of Intel RealSense distinguished features, including fast 3D point cloud generation, color recognition, and scanning objects in motion.

The piece‑picking solution, RightPick, is the future of ecommerce order fulfillment, combining the performance of traditional automation with the flexibility of traditional workflows.

The KINOVA Gen3 Ultra Lightweight Robot is path breaking, built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industry research teams.

Self-driving robot provides telecommuters and distance learners with high resolution, mixed-reality, mobile video chat.

3D Scanning

Being able to scan a person, object or place has been the fundamental driver for 3D technologies for many years. With Intel RealSense technology, accurate scale models of objects and scenes are fast and easy to create, without the need for complex hardware configurations. 3D scanning capabilities with Intel RealSense depth cameras can be built into tablets or other devices for portable scanning in real time.

Skeletal and people tracking

3D scanning and volumetric capture are most concerned with the surface of an object, while skeletal tracking, gesture tracking, or people and object tracking are most concerned with how things move and when they move. Object tracking is useful in many industries, such as warehouse management or retail. Skeletal and gesture tracking enable interaction between humans and machines, and people tracking looks at more general use cases like crowd monitoring and analysis.

People counters/trackers for indoor and outdoor applications.

Software that enable devices to see and understand natural gestures and movements.

Tracking middleware that provides skeletal tracking, gesture recognition and face recognition for Windows and Linux platforms.


With the increasing popularity of both commercial and consumer drones, safety concerns also increase. Intel RealSense technologies not only provide needed safety assurances with collision avoidance and obstacle recognition, but also strategies to improve tracking in GPS denied environments.

Typhoon H is the most advanced aerial photography and videography platform available in such a compact size. Capable of detecting obstacles and intelligently navigating around them, Typhoon H with Intel® RealSense™ technology gives you the freedom to explore new creative options.

Intel is leading a new era of commercial drone solutions for enterprise. With reliable, safe drone platforms, a range of payload options, and powerful software solutions including Intel® Insight Platform for digital asset management, we’re expanding the potential of drones to tackle the issues your business faces today.

Volumetric Capture

While 3D scanning is concerned with capturing static objects in high resolution, volumetric capture uses similar technology to record people and objects in motion, for full three dimensional 'film' capture. Intel RealSense depth cameras enable portable and flexible solutions for volumetric capture in any location.

Object measurement

There are many reasons to need accurate 3D object measurement — retail packaging, interior design and furniture placement. Intel RealSense depth cameras give highly accurate dimensional data that can be used to measure objects of any size or shape with ease.

Rugged tablets designed to handle rough industries that you work in so that you don’t have to worry about losing productivity due to failed technology.

Facial authentication

Facial authentication and identification offer low-friction ways to secure assets from phones to doors, but any lock is only worth it's ability to defeat attempts to break in. By adding depth to a facial identification system, devices can't be spoofed with a 2D photograph and identification can be verified in any and all lighting conditions. 3D facial authentication systems are also able to identify someone from multiple angles without requiring specific alignment to the sensor, making any depth based system much easier to use than 2D counterparts.

XiaoguTech introduces AlphaLook3D - the first 3D Face Authentication AI lock in the world.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In order to safely and accurately create virtual worlds, headsets and devices must also understand their environment in order to interact with it, emulate or augment it, and to make sure that interactions with the real world are safe — not painful collisions with walls or people. Intel RealSense depth cameras enable low power, high efficiency AR and VR solutions in a small lightweight package.

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