Industrial Robotic Automation with RIOS

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Reinventing manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories with dexterous, AI-powered robots

Industrial Robotic Automation using Intel RealSense and RIOS
Industrial Robotic Automation using Intel RealSense and RIOS


Robotic automation has historically been out of reach for many businesses since it requires specialized knowledge, is fragmented, and is typically an expensive endeavor that requires large capital expenditures (CapEx). These technical and financial obstacles have prevented many small and midsize organizations from investing in robotics, as well as prevented larger organizations from retooling legacy robotic gear.


With its unique end-to-end robotic workcells combined with a commercially attractive Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model, RIOS enables businesses to outsource a capital-intensive part of their business and offload risks.


Powered by Intel® RealSenseTM Depth Camera D435, RIOS develops dexterous, AI-powered robots to automate assembly lines, warehouses, distribution centers, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, and food services businesses.

Introduction: Robots-as-a-Service

As technology becomes integral to production lines, distribution centers, and e-commerce warehouses, more and more companies are implementing AI-powered robots to automate repetitive, risky, and labor-intensive tasks. RIOS offers a unique robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model that allows its customers to fund robotic installations with little or no upfront investments.



In manufacturing environments, the RIOS robot relies on the precise viewing capabilities of Intel RealSense D435 cameras to recognize parts in any orientation. The exceptional visual acuity of the camera enables precise alignment down to 1 mm tolerances.

Food service

Food services

In the food services industry, the RIOS robots can manage racks and trays in work cells that have been specially designed to streamline industrial baking, steaming, cooling, freezing, material transport, and food preparation.

Ecommerce and warehousing

Ecommerce and warehousing

In ecommerce and warehousing, RIOS robots efficiently pick up objects and place them in bins, boxes, and totes. Being able to grasp a broad class of objects makes RIOS ideally suited for these ecommerce applications.

Life sciences

Life sciences

In life sciences, the RIOS robots leverage Intel RealSense cameras to recognize and properly handle test tubes, vials, and beakers, as well as perform essential tasks such as capping and uncapping bottles, inserting test tubes in analytics equipment, pouring liquid, and more.

The heart of the solution.

The heart of the solution.

Powered by the Intel RealSense D435 cameras, the RIOS robots are finding their way into a wide array of industrial, retail, manufacturing, and clean room environments. The RIOS AI-powered computer vision system directs these robotic arms to pick up items accurately, quickly, and with just enough pressure to hold them securely.

Clinton Smith, CTO at RIOS

Dr. Clinton Smith


Intel RealSense cameras are part of our AI-powered vision technology stack that allows robots to see, recognize, and interact with objects in their surroundings. By embedding a powerful vision processor into a small form factor camera, Intel RealSense D435 cameras and their associated SDKs are ideal for rapid development and product creation – at a great price.

AI-powered robotics by RIOS

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