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In this webinar, you will learn how depth works and how it enhances computer vision applications in a variety of interesting use cases. You will understand how algorithms are made easier with depth compared to ones that do not have access to depth.

In this meetup you will hear about two different capabilities being enabled using open-source. First, Sergey Dorodnicov from Intel will discuss enabling SLAM for autonomous navigation using open-source resources. Following that, Yixing Lao will provide an overview of Open3D and explain how Open3D can be used for semantic segmentation and 3D scene capturing & reconstruction.

In this webinar, you will learn how Visual SLAM from T265 can be used for inside‑out tracking in robotics and mixed reality applications. We will walk through the steps of visualizing the T265 output on a PC and explain how to use T265 for robotic control & navigation. We will also show how to use T265 in a mixed reality application.

In February 2019 we held a Meetup were we talked about navigation and robots. In this replay you’ll get to hear two different perspectives – one from the company who built a real-life robotics product and second – from our Intel® RealSense™ engineer.

Philip Krejov, CTO Office Intel RealSense, speaks about “Deep Learning for VR/AR: Body tracking” using Intel RealSense depth cameras. No registration required.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Intel RealSense D415 and D435 depth cameras for Multiview data collection for Machine Learning and applications where several cameras are better than using a single camera.

This webinar covers the basic Intel RealSense software topics: overview, GitHub, software design principles and architecture, useful hints and links.

This webinar covers the importance of depth camera technology, its applications and provides an overview of the key features of the new Intel RealSense Depth Cameras D415 and D435.
Also included is information about the Intel RealSense software and roadmap of future products

This webinar, featuring Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, Ph.D,  CTO for the Intel RealSense Group, shows how to tune the Intel RealSense D435 and D415 depth cameras to the optimal performance.

Recent advances in 3D camera technology are already having a huge impact on the robotics industry. But are we ready to call the navigation problem solved? Robotics Business Review* poses this question and others to experts from Intel and the Open Source Robotics Foundation* in this informative webcast.

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