3D Scanning for Custom Footwear and Orthotics

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Aetrex 3D scanning technology with Intel RealSense

3D scanning for custom footwear and orthotics

Intel RealSense and Aetrex
Intel RealSense and Aetrex


Accurately develop a three-dimensional profile of each customer’s foot, including measurements of the length, width, instep, arch height, girth, arch type, and other parameters.


Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D415 puts an Intel module and vision processor into a small form factor, which is ideal for the development and productization of the revolutionary Aetrex Albert 2 Pro scanner.


In 20 seconds or less, Albert 2 Pro uses Intel RealSense technology to capture a three-dimensional, 360-degree representation of each foot, helping customers select correctly fitting footwear and orthotics.

Introduction: innovative technology leads to the best fit

Aetrex has forged a reputation as an industry leader with its Albert 2 Pro Scanner, Albert 3DFit Scanner, and Albert Pressure Scanner. The Aetrex scanners use Intel RealSense technology to create a complete 3D reconstruction of each foot. To construct the computer vision system for Albert 2 Pro, Aetrex integrated four depth cameras and 5,184 gold plated sensors, enabling precise 3D scanning capabilities.

Personalized footwear and orthotic recommendations

The process begins with a 3D foot scan in the store. Consumers can instantly view their 3D measurements and receive their unique foot profile data via email. Retailers who fully integrate the program can then have FitGenius recommendations appear wherever the consumer shops—whether in store, on the website, or through email blasts and social media channels.

Putting Intel RealSense to work

Stereo Depth Camera D415 from Intel RealSense

Each Albert 2 Pro device uses four depth cameras to gather depth, color, and infrared images. Intel RealSense depth camera D415 combines Intel’s latest depth-sensing hardware and software into a highly configurable, easy-to-integrate solution that includes vision processors, turnkey modules, cameras, software development kits (SDKs), and computer vision libraries.

Larry Schwartz, CEO at Aetrex

Larry Schwartz

CEO at Aetrex

“We chose Intel RealSense technology for its superior accuracy, premium quality, and ease of use. The 3D profile obtained from the cameras is used to recommend the best shoe styles and the best size within those styles, allowing Aetrex to penetrate the market for shoe fitting.

Kumar Rajan, SVP of Engineering at Aetrex

Kumar Rajan

Senior Vice President of Engineering

"The Intel RealSense SDK allowed for a smooth integration process, and the support team helped us overcome any challenges that we confronted. Intel has been a fantastic partner. The Intel RealSense team always makes sure that we are creating the best products we can with the technologies that are available.”

Justin Kehrwalk, CEO at Tradehome Shoes

Justin Kehrwald

CEO at Tradehome Shoes

People are immediately impressed with the speed of the scan, the accuracy of the scanning results, and the next-step options provided by the technology.

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