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It's easy to build the future with the open source Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0. Visit our GitHub page to get started, or scroll down for specific platform downloads.

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We provide our installation packages in dpkg format for Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 LTS

The Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 is cross-platform and operating system independent. In addition to the platforms above we also have installation guides for Jetson TX2, Raspberry Pi 3 and macOS.

firmware & updates

Download the latest firmware for Intel RealSense D400 series depth camera (Windows/Linux).

Recommended production configurations

The table below describes the best known configurations recommended for production use of the D400 series.

ComponentCurrent (Jun 2019)Feb 2019Oct 2018Jun 2018Feb 2018
SDK Build2.
Dynamic Calibration2.
DFU2.5.2.0: Windows
1.0.0: Linux Windows
1.0.0: Linux Windows
0.9.8: Linux Windows
0.9.7 / Linux
0.9.7: Windows / Linux

Supported platforms and languages

Supported platforms and languages

Get your project off the ground quickly with help from our code examples and tutorials.


SDK tools help you harness your depth camera’s capabilities.

Quickly access your Intel RealSense depth camera to view the depth stream, visualize point clouds, record and playback streams, configure your camera settings and more.

Download User's guide


Depth Quality Tool

Test the camera’s depth quality, including: standard deviation from plane fit, normalized RMS, the subpixel accuracy, distance accuracy and fill rate.

Device firmware update tool

Update to the latest firmware with Firmware Update Tool. Now part of SDK.

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Device FrimWare Update tool

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