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The Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D457 features our longest range widest field of view global shutter camera with a GMSL serializer and FAKRA connector.

Based on the D455 camera, the peripheral dimensions are 124 mm (X) × 29 mm (Y) × 36 mm (Z).

There are many benefits to GMSL/FAKRA over USB & Ethernet, including:

  • Higher bandwidth of 6Gb vs. 1Gb Ethernet
  • Can support long cable length (15m) vs. 3m USB3
  • GMSL/ FAKRA has better EMI than USB
  • GMSL/FAKRA has lower power and lower latency compared to USB

All the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera in the D400 family have an USB interface. The main reasons include:

  • USB is natively supported by all the operating systems, making it easy to integrate to most platforms
  • Many low cost platforms do not have GMSL/FAKRA interface
  • The drivers to support GMSL/FAKRA are developed per platform so require more integration effort from the customers

The D457 is mainly targeted for the autonomous mobile robotic market and other customers that use the GMSL/Fakra in their platforms. 

Integration of the D457 into a platform, requires a GMSL/FAKRA de-serializer connecting to the Host platform. Contact the support team for more information

The D457 is supported with the same cross-platform open-source Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0, with a  separate kernel driver package for the MIPI interface, that is connected to the GMSL serializer. It is tested and verified on leading platforms with GMSL de-serializer and FAKRA connector support.

Yes. D457 is comprised of the same D450 Optical module used in D455 camera with a new Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 Board V5. 

The box product comes in a retail box. It has a peripheral, a GMSL cable, tripod and a get started guide.

Yes. The Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D457 comes in 30 pack bulk version with only the peripheral – no cable, tripod or retail box.

Head to our store at https://store.intelrealsense.com/ or through any authorized Intel Distributor.

Head over to https://intelrealsense.com/. On our site we have more information and links to datasheets, webinars, whitepapers, use cases and many other useful sources for information. .

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