Facial Authentication. Intel RealSense ID.

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Facial authentication

Intel® RealSense™ ID.

Unlock your world.

Our on-device solution combines an active depth sensor with a specialized neural network to deliver secure and accurate facial authentication for everyone, everywhere.

Fast facial authentication with Intel RealSense ID


Authenticates in less than a second.

Accurate facial authentication with Intel RealSense ID


1:1 Million False Acceptance Rate.

Secure facial authentication with Intel RealSense ID


On-device encrypted transactions with the use of embedded Secure Element.

User controlled facial authentication

User control

Takes a few seconds to enroll and you are always in control.

With a quick glance, Intel RealSense ID securely unlocks homes and businesses.

Authenticating you in less than a second, Intel RealSense ID combines industry leading hardware and software design to ensure reliability in varied conditions.


Facial authentication - Authenticates every skin tone and shade reliably

Authenticates every skin tone and shade reliably.
Designed to work for everyone, you can trust Intel RealSense ID.


Day Night

From darkness to strong sunlight, indoors or out — it works.
An active depth sensor projects an infrared pattern that enables accurate authentication even in low light conditions.


Facial authentication - Adapts to changes over time

Adapts to changes over time.
No matter how much your style changes, Intel RealSense ID learns over time.


Facial authentication - Supports children to tall adults, from many different angles

Supports children to tall adults, from many different angles.
Easy to use, the solution allows a natural interaction for most people from 120 cm to 190 cm in height at a 55 cm distance.

Rapid authentication. Privacy is key.

Every piece of our facial authentication solution is engineered to work together — for security, privacy, reliability and speed. With a fast and easy enrollment, only registered users are authenticated — and the whole process takes less than a second.*

Diagram: How facial authentication works

Purpose‑built for facial authentication.

Intel RealSense ID Solution F455

Jump‑start your project.

Intel RealSense ID Solution F455 is ready‑to‑use and perfect for integration out‑of‑the‑box.

Intel RealSense ID Solution F455 (Peripheral)
Intel RealSense ID Solution F450 (module)

Intel RealSense ID Solution F450

For your custom design.

Architected for excellent price performance, the Intel RealSense ID F450 module for facial authentication is ready for tighter integration into various form factors.

Trusted and Secure.

Intel RealSense ID enables you to build a facial authentication solution with built in anti‑spoofing technology which protects against attacks using photographs, videos or high‑quality 3D masks.

1:1 Million

False Acceptance Rate*

99.76 %

True Acceptance Rate

<0.1 %

Spoof Acceptance Rate


Encryption used on all levels

Authentication inside.

Intel RealSense ID F455 What's inside

An SOC for data processing on device, with dual cameras for authentication, IR illuminators to allow indoor and outdoor operation, the Secure Element to protect your privacy and a specialized neural network to adapt over time.

Small and mighty.


Facial authentication module F450 is smaller than a credit card


Facial authentication peripheral F455 smaller than a credit card

Smaller than a credit card, but powerful enough to authenticate reliably in less than a second.

Secure entry everywhere you need it.

In industries like Finance, Healthcare, and Smart Access Control you need technology you can trust. Intel RealSense ID delivers scalable facial authentication for edge, local host or cloud solutions.

Facial authentication for Smart Locks

Smart locks

Facial authentication for Gate Access Control

Gate access control

Facial authentication for Kiosks


Facial authentication for ATM


Facial authentication for POS


Facial authentication for custom use cases - Talk to sales

Custom use case?

Your facial authentication SDK.

Intel RealSense ID SDK is open‑source, created with the developer in mind. It is designed to plug into your user authentication systems.

Download facial authentication SDK

Download SDK

Get the latest Intel RealSense ID SDK to kick‑off your project.

Facial authentication documentation


Find answers to your questions with our how-to guides and articles.

Facial authentication code samples

Code Samples

Check out how easy it is to get started with Intel RealSense ID.

// Create face authenticator instance and connect to the device on COM9    
RealSenseID::FaceAuthenticator auth {&sig_clbk};
auto connect_status = authenticator.Connect({RealSenseID::SerialType::USB, "COM9"});
// RealSenseID::SerialType::UART can be used in case UART I/F is required
// Enroll a user
const char* user_id = "John";
my_enroll_clbk enroll_clbk;
auto enroll_status = authenticator.Enroll(enroll_clbk, user_id);    

// Authenticate a user
my_auth_clbk auth_clbk;
auto auth_status = authenticator.Authenticate(auth_clbk);    
// Remove the user from device
bool success = authenticator.RemoveUser(user_id);

// Disconnect from the device

Tech Specs

Facial authentication peripheral ID Solution F455 dimensions
Facial authentication module ID Solution F450 dimensions
Use EnvironmentLighting conditions:
Operating temperature:
– 0° to 40° C (Peripheral)
– 0° to 50° C (Module)
Operating ParametersField of View (H × V):
56° × 78°
Recommended range:
0.3-1 meter
– Host: USB2
– Host: USB2/UART
PowerPeak: 3.6 W
Average: 1.5 W
Standby: 0.3 W
System RequirementsOperating system:
– Windows
– Linux
– Android
Programming languages:
– C, C++, C#/.NET, Android Java
– Python (coming soon)
PhysicalForm factor:

Dimensions (Width × Length × Depth):
– 32.5 mm × 62 mm × 11 mm (Peripheral)
– 18 mm × 50 mm × 4.6 mm (Module)
Connectors (peripheral):
– USB-C*

Mounting mechanism:
– One 1/4‑20 UNC thread mounting point
– Two M4 thread mounting points
– Tripod

* Please see datasheet for more details.

Authentication can be 1:1 or 1:N.

No. Intel RealSense ID is a complete solution that includes hardware and software. There are two form factors – Intel RealSense ID F450 Module and Intel RealSense ID F455 Peripheral.

Yes. Intel RealSense ID supports medical face masks.

Yes. The authentication algorithm is designed to adapt to changes within reason.

Intel RealSense ID is mainly designed for Facial Authentication. Facial Authentication use cases that need multiple devices are typically positioned side-by-side or in parallel. These configurations are unlikely to have IR noise interference. Further, the short period of IR burst is unlikely to cause interference.

Intel RealSense ID is a peripheral device that can connect to any host that supports IFTTT via the published interfaces like USB 2.0. Please see technical specification for more information.

There is no limitation on the number of faces up to 10,000. For usage models beyond 10,000, please contact us.

Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 is meant to used with Intel RealSense depth and tracking cameras. Intel RealSense ID SDK is only used by the Intel RealSense ID F455 peripheral and F450 module.

Yes. Intel RealSense ID solutions are designed for continuous usage without performance issues.

Yes. Intel RealSense ID is a self-contained solution that includes the necessary hardware and software. The solution is purpose built for facial authentication and is designed for stand-alone (edge) or connected configurations.

No. Intel RealSense ID is not designed for authenticating animals.

Yes. Intel RealSense ID supports up to 5 people in the Field of View.

The solution does not store or need any user pictures. It is designed to use facial templates which are encrypted before being stored. Depending on the configuration, this can be stored locally or externally.


Currently, the solution is designed for authentication and not explicitly designed for tailgate detection.

Please see the datasheet for more information.

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